Houston, Texas

I wasn’t going to write about my trip to Houston because I went there to go to a baby shower, not to go sightseeing, but I think some of it does pertain to this blog as it relates to running. My new thing is to run a few miles in every big city I travel to. I’m not being very consistent though… I did jog in San Francisco, but not in Portland, etc. Well, in Houston I was determined to go for a quick jog so my friend’s husband dropped me off at Memorial Park. It’s one of the largest urban parks in the country, and I felt at home sharing that spaced with so many joggers, although it was no Central Park. After ½ mile I saw some dogs in kennels and I stopped by thinking it was an adoption fair from the Humane Society. Instead, it was a “run, jog, or walk a dog” day from Friends for Life, a No Kill Shelter. Once a month they have the “Running 4 Home” program at Memorial Park where anyone can take the shelter dogs for some exercise. I just had to do it. I picked a dog that looked like my Slick, signed some paperwork and left my expensive sunglasses as collateral. The pup was a little old and overweight and could not run, but I was more than happy to walk/jog with her. What a great idea! It just made my day (although the high tea baby shower I went to later was pretty awesome too).

Baby Shower in Houston

Baby Shower in Houston



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